Samsung A72 good enough as my main phone for 4 months

Samsung Galaxy A72 is a successor for Samsung Galaxy A71 that launched in March 2021! This is a less than 1-year-old smartphone! At the time I am writing this post, Samsung did launch an upgraded version of it, Samsung Galaxy A72 5G a few months later with a faster processor. It is an upgrade from 720G to 750G and other marginal hardware upgrades.

I did create a video regarding my user experiences with Samsung Galaxy A52 here. Overall, this series of upgrades from A51 to A52 and A71 to A72 did attract positive feedback on the overall upgrade. 

Let's do a quick outlook review. The Samsung Galaxy A72 is using a matte type feeling of plastic compared to the previous version of the  Samsung Galaxy A71 using a glossy shiny case. Therefore, it is no longer a fingerprint magnet if you use it without a phone casing. However, the new matte type finishing gives you a "cheap" feeling on this mid-range smartphone. 

The camera is upgraded. The main sensor is now with OIS. Samsung also added a telephoto lens in this new version. Let me show you the video and photo quality of this unit.

Then next we move into the heart of the smartphone which is the processor. It is a minor upgrade from Snapdragon 730 to Snapdragon 720G. Based on my testing on Mobile Legend Bang Bang, 720G provide a more stable performance compared to 730. If you have watched my review on Samsung Galaxy A71, I experienced a frame rate drop during my 30 minutes play. However, in a normal situation, Snapdragon 720G is able to provide stable performance, but, when group fighting, the processor can not cope with the GPU intensity and it becomes not responsive for a few seconds. Therefore, this unit is not recommended for heavy gaming, even MLBB (sad to say), unless you switch to a low graphic setting, but still, you can"sense" a bit lagy. Well, you get what you buy. You bought a mid-range processor smartphone plus a high capacity battery with 5,000 mAh, I can safely say, the battery life is pretty good and can last a day. Let's say 20 minutes of MLBB will use up to 8% of battery juice.

In conclusion, when I am writing this post, there is already another mini upgrade version, which is Samsung Galaxy A52s with an even faster mid-range processor available. If you don't mind the size of the display, I believe all the mid-range of A-series is worth buying. 

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