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The longest distance between knowing it and doing it.

We never lack knowledge and information because there are 800 million videos and 37 million channels on YouTube. I am very sure you can find any answer on YouTube except those illegal topics. Therefore, what is the distance between knowing something and doing it? The length of the distance is measured by the amount of willingness. In short, how badly you want it. The distance does not change according to the amount of desire, but in perspective, it does feel shorter. We might be knowing too much and that knowledge might stop us from doing it. Knowledge becomes a burden in this context. But without knowledge, we are flying blindly into the unknown. The solution is to learn from others' experiences. That is a much smarter way to learn and remember to do it.



Increase your engagement rate using #throwback or Memories

If you facing a low engagement rate on your social media account, you need to finish reading this. Once upon a time, when we have social media and people just start posting everything. From short text Twitter to check-in location Foursquare. Then come Facebook with photos, video, text, poll, everything. Finally, Instagram. It become quiet for a while when Snapchat came with many colour filters and finally is TikTok. Sooner or later, the platform (user) will run out of content to post and the next step is "To Share". But that does not create extra engagement to your own content. The solution is to use #throwback The origin of #throwback is actually #ThrowbackThursday which in the short form now #tbt You can read more about it on  VOX . When you are running on a tight schedule (for your personal life) but you still want to constantly post on your social media account to gain followers and engagement rate, one of the free and smart ways is to use throwback and the Memories from

Do you really need Cloud Storage vs Local Storage or Hybrid Storage?

Well, you took videos, photos, never clear WhatsApp messages for the past...1 year? Your smartphone is running out of storage because there are thousands of photos and videos. There are a few solutions for you. No. 1 is that you upgrade to higher storage smartphone. At the moment, iPhone does offer 1TB storage and Samsung also offer the highest 512GB of internal storage too. All the best if you still have any kidneys left to sell.  No. 2 is to purchase cloud storage. iCloud from Apple does offer 50GB, 500GB and 2TB. But still, you need to make sure you still have enough storage on the cloud and in your smartphone. 50GB cloud storage including all your mobile application data. If you have 5GB of WhatsApp message history, then it will reduce your cloud storage.  No. 3 is alternative local storage or hybrid storage. You can purchase local storage and plug it into your home wifi network. With a few simple configurations, you can create your own "backup" solution and backup everyt

How to start create content?

A Content creator is one of the hot jobs or most wanted careers for the new generation. When compared to my time, the most common career when asked by the teacher is doctor, lawyer, teacher, businessman. Here is a simple 3 steps to start your content creation journey. 1. Find out what is your interest a.k.a hobby a.k.a passion? Content creation is one of the extreme brain drain processes (for me). If you do not have any obvious interest, hobby or passion; this will be even more difficult. Creativity juice flows the best when we are in a relaxed and happy mood. By forcing it, it will not work so well. Just do what you like to do and be happy about it (and earn some passive income) 2. Find the same people on social media platforms whether is on Facebook, Instagram, YoutTube or even the latest and greatest TikTok and observe their best practice. Luckily, there are pioneers in this area. We do not need to re-invent the wheel and start again. Content creation format is something that will c