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To Protect Yourself and Protect Others from LinkedIn Scammer

You are right! LinkedIn does have scammers lurking around and hunting for potential victims. LinkedIn is also vulnerable to scammer attacks as a platform for only professional networking. Today, I want to share with you how to protect yourself and also protect others from scammer attacks. One of the ways is to apply for a verification badge. There are 3 ways you can apply for a verification badge. You can apply via identity verification if you U.S., Canada, Mexico, and India. The 2nd way is via workplace verification, which you can apply via Microsoft Entra Verified ID, LinkedIn Learning License, work email, and last but not educational institution. All these are only available for selected companies. Here is the step-by-step to do it. 1. Go to your LinkedIn profile and click on your profile “Your Picture”. 2. Under the "Profile" tab, scroll down and click on the "Setting" menu. 3. Select the “Account preference” menu  4. Select the “Verifications” menu 5. You would

Exploring FOMO's impact on life and how to conquer it

2 years have flown by, and it feels like just yesterday I was... well, I don't even remember what I was up to yesterday! But you know what, 2 years is a good chunk of time, and a lot can go down in those years. Time, it's a funny thing, isn't it? It can mend, it can mess up, it can build, it can break, and it's pretty priceless. You can't buy it, and you sure can't ditch it either. The future? Who knows what it holds, but I'm stoked to find out. I'm ready to tackle whatever comes my way. I'm pumped to seize the day, live it up, and make every moment count. 😬 But, here's the twist, there are times when I can't help but feel like I might be missing out on something. You know, that good ol' FOMO - the "Fear of Missing Out." It's real, and lots of us grapple with it. Do you share the same feeling? You are not alone. What is FOMO FOMO - it's something many of us can totally relate to. In a world packed with constant updates,