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Financial Planning: Not Just for the Rich

Everyone needs a financial plan, regardless of their income or net worth. Many people believe that financial planning is only for the wealthy, but this simply isn't true. Financial planning is essential for people of all income levels and backgrounds, as it helps to ensure that your money is working for you and your future. I was fortunate to join the financial industry when I graduated. I learn a lot about financial planning and management knowledge and practice some of it. I want to share with you today one rule that I have practised since then, which is to pay yourself first. Pay yourself first! Meet Ali (not a real name), a husband of a newborn baby working as a teacher in secondary school. He wants to buy a new laptop which is lightweight for her wife to use in teaching. She is also a teacher in the same secondary school.  Ali started practising financial planning by creating a budget, reducing his debt, and setting aside money for emergencies. He learned about the importance

Parents hit hard by rising costs

If 1 child is equal to RM500 per month, is this sufficient? What if you have more than 1 child? What if you need to send your child(ren) to daycare, international school, tuition, etc.