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Publishing an eBook in Malaysia is more challenging than climbing Mt. Kota Kinabalu

  Today, I want to talk about writing or publishing an ebook from Malaysia. I've been trying for a few months, and from time to time, it's more challenging than climbing Mount Kinabalu. I have a few points that I want to share with you. If you are looking to publish an ebook to build your brand name, your personal IP, or any other purposes hope this will be helpful to you. 3 Popular Online Bookstores So, let's start off with how do you publish an ebook? The first way to publish e-books is via Google Play Store. Why do I recommend Google Play Store as the first choice? Because Google Play Store are the main Android system being used worldwide. Without having a second thought, by publishing your ebook into Google Play Store, you will ultimately get the widest coverage. Even if you are an iOS user, you can still download the Google Play Book onto your phone or iPad to read it. I'll come back to the challenges related to Google Play Store later, but here you go. This is the


  今年的退休金是不是完了? #jarodpost #剪报 #退休计划

18 people declared bankrupt on a daily basis

  I believe at this moment, people are more concerned about natural disasters and inflation than those who will become bankrupt. Do you agree with me? #jarodpost #financialplanning


  其实我没有什么意见。只是觉得人民比较关心水灾和通膨罢了。#jarodpost #理财 #破产

Pinjaman, kad kredit 'talian hayat' generasi muda

  Kalau kita membelanja melebihi daripada pendapatan kita, maka kita hanya meminjam duit masa depan untuk keselesaan sekarang. Ada tindakan ini bijaksana?