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User experiences is a common sense with a heart

Recently, I have been slightly interested in product packaging. Yes, the box, the wrapping, the visual design and everything in a product packaging. Maybe due to the fact that I watch hours of open-box videos that contribute to my sharp eyes on product packaging. Or maybe because of the fact that after I watch this video from DoDoMen and I am overwhelmed by the fact that there are so much information and hard work behind one product packaging. Well, when I was doing my weekly grocery shopping and this product shelf management just caught my attention. I can talk about this picture from 3 different perspectives. First, if you are a consumer and wanted to buy pancakes or waffles, which product really catch your eyeball [literally translate from mandarin]? Obviously is the brand Creapan, right? Why? Because the products are arranged horizon according to your reading habit, which is from left to right. Even the top side of the box is printed with such a big word - PANCAKES.  Whereby for t

Who need to buy Personal Accident Insurance? Not me!

It does not matter who you are, I believe that if the situation permits, everyone should have an insurance plan. Today I am going to share with you personal accident insurance. In simple words, Personal Accident Insurance is insurance that provides a benefit when the person meets an accident. There are many types of personal accident insurance in the market, some are general i.e car accidents and public transportation accidents. But some are specific i.e sports accidents, extreme sports accidents and special occupation accidents. You may be wondering the differences between normal life insurance that provides benefits compare to personal accident insurance that also provides benefits. The answer is in the word - Accident. If you want to know the products in detail, please leave your comment and I will get back to you. This post is actually regarding buying personal accident insurance in Malaysia. I will share with you the companies in Malaysia that have the flexibility for us to purcha

Increasing your customer Life Time Value by creating additional value

 I love to take this as an example. This concept attracted me in many ways and let me share with you my thoughts.  First, it is nothing new to buy a bed (and bedframe) and pay an instalment because we have a bundle of credit cards and also zero interest instalment facilities offer by the seller. But the interesting part comes (I must really salute the marketing team), when a customer purchased a bed (and bedframe), there are few possible outcomes; a. Never clean the bed (of course still changed the bedsheet and pillowcase) b. Occasionally clean it via door-to-door services or take out the super-advanced and complicated vacuum from the storeroom to clean it c. Clean it regularly Obviously Cuckoo targeted all the customers who intend to buy a bed whether you are category A, B, or C. It is about convenience and peace of mind. by paying extra a bit (you never know how much because it is already bundled together in the instalment), you get the cleaning expert to clean up your bed from time

Samsung Galaxy A71 Review in 2021

I found another mid-range good performance smartphone in Carousell again. Please allow me to do a quick introduction to this smartphone. Samsung Galaxy A71 was launch in early 2020. At the beginning of the global pandemic strike, this smartphone will be just in time for the mid-range segment (Samsung price is never mid-range compare to Xiaomi). Consumers can purchase this phone as an alternative replacement to any other mobile device i.e tablet or even a laptop. This is because this smartphone is built with Super AMOLED Plus 6.7 inches display. The Snapdragon 730 processor is good enough for any online meetings/classes and web browsing. This is support further by 8GB RAM and 128GB UFS 2.1. All these hardware combinations are able to provide a smooth and long-lasting user experience with 4500 mAh battery power. Snapdragon 730 is a mid-range performance processor. During my usage, it did not heat up during gameplay or long hour YouTube browsing. It does feel slightly lagging for 0.01 sec

The free and easy method to understand Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Marketing

If you are leaving in the same region as I do, I am very sure that you have a Facebook or Instagram or WhatsApp account. We know that the company Facebook collects our personal data for marketing purposes; but, can you avoid it? Today, we are not talking about how to hide your digital footprints. I shall find another time to talk about cover your digital tracks using VPN. Today, I am going to share with you how to learn Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing and WhatsApp marketing for free, officially from Facebook. Yes! It is free!  First, if you want to learn for fun and free, then you can go to Facebook Blueprint . I never count but I am sure there are more than enough bite-size courses for you. Those courses start from a very basic level up to a more professional level. Second, if you prefer a more structural way of learning, then you can go to Facebook Blueprint Certification . The courses are arranged in a very structural way from associate level up to technical level for profes

Huawei Mate 20 vs Huawei Mate 30, obviously I will buy Mate 20

Huawei Mate 30 was launch in the year 2019 and it was another groundbreaking innovation (after Huawei P30 Pro) during that time because Huawei decided to use RYB sensor compare to a normal RGB sensor in the camera hardware set up. There is this website explaining the RYB mechanism from  MobileGeeks Anyway, this is regarding a comparison between Huawei Mate 20 vs Huawei Mate 30. The reason is that Mate 30 is a great upgrade from Mate 20, BUT unfortunately, Mate 30 is the first smartphone from Huawei without Google Mobile Service support.  Indirectly help the comparison because it is pure hardware comparison on the camera specs and user experiences.   I prepared a YouTube review and hope you like it. Please remember to follow me and look forward to see you soon.