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If hard work can lead to success, why should we work with a heart?

The viewpoint of "hard work leads to success" emphasises the importance of effort, but it doesn't suggest that success can only be achieved through effort. Success usually requires a combination of multiple factors. Firstly, success is not solely determined by effort. Although effort is crucial, the definition of success varies from person to person, and the path to success is unique for each individual. Apart from effort, success also requires support from other factors such as talent, opportunity, environment, and interpersonal relationships. Sometimes, even if a person works very hard, they may not succeed if they lack these other factors. Secondly, putting one's heart into something is not just for success. It is an attitude, dedication and focus on what one is doing. Doing things with the intention not only improves efficiency and quality but also brings inner fulfilment and growth. Even if the desired success is not achieved, the experience and growth gained thr

Control what you can control and let go of what you cannot control

The Struggle of Constant Overwhelm As a corporate executive, you're no stranger to the daily hustle and bustle. The pressure to meet targets, manage teams, and deliver results can be overwhelming. The never-ending stream of tasks and external factors can leave you feeling stressed and burnt out, impacting not only your professional performance but also your personal life. The Toll of Trying to Control Everything The natural inclination is often to exert control over every aspect of your professional domain. However, attempting to micromanage every detail can lead to a constant state of agitation. It's crucial to recognize that not everything is within your sphere of influence. This realization can be a game-changer in fostering a healthier and more sustainable approach to leadership. The Power of Control and Letting Go Understanding the Circle of Control and the Circle of No Control is pivotal in mastering your corporate journey. The Circle of Control encompasses the aspects of