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The longest distance between knowing it and doing it.

We never lack knowledge and information because there are 800 million videos and 37 million channels on YouTube. I am very sure you can find any answer on YouTube except those illegal topics. Therefore, what is the distance between knowing something and doing it? The length of the distance is measured by the amount of willingness. In short, how badly you want it. The distance does not change according to the amount of desire, but in perspective, it does feel shorter. We might be knowing too much and that knowledge might stop us from doing it. Knowledge becomes a burden in this context. But without knowledge, we are flying blindly into the unknown. The solution is to learn from others' experiences. That is a much smarter way to learn and remember to do it.

RM1mil for needed for retirement

Actually, this number is subjective. But if you put in the inflation factor, it is not enough even for the B40 group. Do you agree?  

Working retirees, are we ready?

Are we ready for this? What is the real intention of retirees to continue to work? For survival or merely just passing the time?