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What is the next most stable OS android smartphone?

My journey switching out from iOS started many years ago after Apple launched iPhone X. I feel the pain in my wallet on the high premium price of this device. I do love the iOS and the hardware quality. In fact, I was a hardcore Apple fan. However, I do feel the pain is necessary as one day, the iPhone will become so expensive that it is going to eat up a big chunk of your finance. True enough, after many years, today the base model of iPhone 13 costs RM3,899. I remember that when I was chasing the latest iPhone 5 onwards, the based model cost about RM2,000. Since then, I try my very best to get away from Apple Ecosystem and I did. I switched to Huawei and I was extremely happy with the software and the hardware performance. I was using Huawei Mate 20. Well, when you expect nothing will happen, definitely something will happen and it is not a good one. It is common knowledge that Huawei can no longer use Google Mobile System (GMS) in their new devices. It was very frustrating for me as