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I am pretty sure once in a while you will face this situation whereby you have too many chargers to carry for a trip. It depends on the number of gadgets you have. You will be very lucky if you are not in the Apple Ecosystem whereby you need to have another lightning cable for your iOS devices.  However, it does not matter whether you are an Android or Apple user, but when you have more than 2 devices with you, all problems are the same. You just need to find a very powerful yet safe charger to charge all the power-hungry devices, especially if you have an iPad that requires an 18W and above charger plus if you have a laptop. You will have at least or the most 2 chargers with you all the time. My god! I just wrote e a whole paragraph to describe how messy is this situation in the modern tech world. One of the chargers that I bought many years ago is this Xiaomi 6 port charger which can output 60W. The second charger I bought is from ZMI with 65W. All the above 2 charges are not able to

What is the next most stable OS android smartphone?

My journey switching out from iOS started many years ago after Apple launched iPhone X. I feel the pain in my wallet on the high premium price of this device. I do love the iOS and the hardware quality. In fact, I was a hardcore Apple fan.

However, I do feel the pain is necessary as one day, the iPhone will become so expensive that it is going to eat up a big chunk of your finance. True enough, after many years, today the base model of iPhone 13 costs RM3,899. I remember that when I was chasing the latest iPhone 5 onwards, the based model cost about RM2,000.

Since then, I try my very best to get away from Apple Ecosystem and I did. I switched to Huawei and I was extremely happy with the software and the hardware performance. I was using Huawei Mate 20. Well, when you expect nothing will happen, definitely something will happen and it is not a good one. It is common knowledge that Huawei can no longer use Google Mobile System (GMS) in their new devices. It was very frustrating for me as I did my very best (same as everyone else) to install GMS in the Huawei Mate 30, but eventually, it is a back door method and it becomes buggy. 

In between, I did try Vivo, Oppo and even Xiaomi. But eventually, I ran out of options. I have to pick up Samsung. I push so hard to find the Snapdragon version of the Samsung smartphones, such as the Samsung Note 10 plus, Samsung Galaxy A72 and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. All these devices did provide a great user experience. However, there is 1 major hardware outlook that I really hate, which is the curved screen. So finally, I change to the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE LTE version. I have been using this for a few months and I found out the smartphone becomes laggy during the game and automatic back to the home screen. Something like phantom touch, but not really phantom touch. It is very frustrating again. I can list down another few more weaknesses of Samsung OneUI which I really don't like. But will keep it for next time.

Today, I found a good deal on iPhone Xs Max. I was wondering, can make a come back to iOS aka Apple Ecosystem. But I do feel reluctant to do so since I quit iOS many years. There are a few reasons:

1. I need to use an Apple lightning cable. I manage to switch all my devices to USB 3.0 a.k.a Type C and I really feel the pain to carry just 1 more cable.
2. For the same price range (although it is a good deal), iPhone Xs Max is a 4-year-old technology. Honestly, although the camera is good but not that good compared to a mid-high range android smartphone.
3. Once again, the scary Apple Ecosystem. Once in, no way out.
4. Face ID. I know that iPhone 12 and above enable unlocking Face ID with a mask, but it is iPhone 12!! The base model costs RM2,899! 

In conclusion, where should I go? I think people as smart as you know that I am not able to switch back Apple Ecosystem. The number 1 reason is the price. Actually, as of today, most Android smartphone manufacturers are tapping into the high premium model. Look at the Oppo Find X series, Vivo X series, Xiaomi Ultra version and many more are coming. So, please help me to decide what smartphone brand or which OS that can be as stable as iOS at an affordable price?


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