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How to cool down your laptop?

First, I need to declare that I am an overheating paranoid person when coming to 3C devices especially laptops and desktops. I switch from laptop to pc 3 years ago and build my own pc. I am not the expert but basically, if you ask me to assemble all the parts and make it boot and work, I can do so. Today, I am going to talk about heating. I am using pc cooling system as a benchmark and I can accept anything between 32 to 37 degrees Celcius in a room without air-conditioning when the pc is in an ideal stage. Once start gaming, that is very much dependent on the overall cooling system set up. I experienced max temperature to 60 degrees Celcius. Some of you might be laughing at me, but that is my heat tolerance level for a pc. For a custom pc desktop, you can purchase different cooling parts such as a CPU cooler, graphic card cooler and there is even a m.2 SSD cooler silicon pad. But, for a laptop, there are no such parts available because you can't fit in a CPU cooler nor GPU cooler

Vlogging using smartphone or mirrorless camera

When I started to vlog, one of the challenges I faced is capturing good quality video. This is really come down to the hardware set-up.  In order to capture good quality video, there are 2 important types of equipment, which is the camera and the lighting. Once upon a time, I was into DSLR photography and I quit this hobby for almost 10 years. Now it is time to pick up the knowledge and skill to be applied in my vlogging journey. I didn't want to buy a separate camera because I want to keep everything in the smartphone ecosystem. But, I also want to test this and share my experiences with you. I want to test the video quality using a mirrorless camera compared to the same price range smartphone. At the moment, I am using Samsung Galaxy A72 as my daily driver and I just bought a Sony A5000 with kit lens 15-50mm OSS. I also just bought a Meike MK-35mm f1.7 lens with manual focus. Besides having a decent video recording device, I need to set up the lighting properly. This is another c

More than 3 ways to use your smartphone as webcam

Webcam, from a very non-essential hardware feature in laptops, has become one of the critical features during Work From Home in the years 2020 and 2021. Hopefully, this will not continue in 2022, but nevertheless, the corporates are talking about a hybrid working model and seem like Work From Home has become permanent. Whether you are using it for meetings, conducting live streaming and vlogging, let me share my experiences with you with my experiences on setting up your smartphone as a webcam. Basically, there are few ways to show your handsome or pretty face. They are: 1. Using a webcam and plug it into your computer directly. 2. Using a smartphone or digital camera and plug it into your computer + connect using a software 3. Connect your webcam, smartphone or digital camera using software to enhance the effect. I tested 2 software, which is DroidCam X and Xsplit Vcam. You can download DroidCam X from here  and you can download Xsplit Vcam here .  If you want to know more about the i

OMG! Increases your productivity with Samsung Dex in your Windows 10

I always wondering, do we work using our desktop/laptop or do we work using our smartphone? I am not sure about you, but I prefer to work with my desktop/laptop with a bigger display and more effective and efficient input devices, which are the keyboard and the mouse. Unless you are Apple Ecosystem, with an iPhone, iPad and Macs, otherwise, your productivity is pretty messed up by switching between devices with different operating systems. I want to clarify that I am not saying that if you use Apple's product, your productivity is better off. I am just saying that using multiple systems is definitely more complicated. When Samsung Dex was introduced in the year 2017 together with the Samsung S8 series, you need to purchase separate accessories, Samsung Dex Dock. The software is being enhanced from time to time. For example, you can directly connect to a monitor and used Samsung Note 9 as a "mousepad". Fast forward, now, you can connect your smartphone (so far I tested onl

S20 FE 4G with Snapdragon 865 Review

Yo! Suprise! Samsung Malaysia refreshes the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE LTE version with a Snapdragon 865 processor. When this smartphone was launch in Oct 2020 and reported here for the price RM2,699. At that time, the LTE version is powered by Exynos 990. I am not sure of any particular reason that Samsung refreshes this version with Snapdragon 865, but it is good news for me that I don't really favour the Exynos processor. Basically, there is no change in the rest of the hardware perspective and I am excited to share my user experiences with you on this unit. Let's have a quick open box and hardware review. It has a charger, cable and the unit itself. The hardware specification is 8GB RAM and 128GB UFS 2.1 storage (I am very disappointed). The rear camera set up a 12-megapixel main sensor with f1.8 and Dual Pixel binding and OIS.  8-megapixel for telephoto lens and 12-megapixel for the ultrawide lens.   Here are some sample shots on my Instagram profile. Performance-wise, I don