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Tips on managing deadlines, navigating stakeholder expectations for Project Management

Six months ago, I jumped headfirst into a tough project, super excited to get started! The beginning involved figuring out different ideas and gathering important info from everyone involved. It was a whirlwind of learning, but by April, we had a clear plan for the project! Except, things got a bit tight deadline-wise. We had two super important goals to hit in a shorter time, and keeping everyone on the same page with the project (especially those who cared a lot about it!) added another layer of challenge. But here's the thing: I never gave up. Even though the project started off a bit tricky, sticking with it and talking things through clearly really helped. By April, we had a solid plan in place. The deadline got shorter, so we had to hustle to meet those two big goals. Keeping everyone informed during this intense time was another hurdle to jump. Fast forward to the end of May, and guess what? The first training class launched in a big way! A total win, if I do say so myself.