Publishing an eBook in Malaysia is more challenging than climbing Mt. Kota Kinabalu

  Today, I want to talk about writing or publishing an ebook from Malaysia. I've been trying for a few months, and from time to time, it's more challenging than climbing Mount Kinabalu. I have a few points that I want to share with you. If you are looking to publish an ebook to build your brand name, your personal IP, or any other purposes hope this will be helpful to you. 3 Popular Online Bookstores So, let's start off with how do you publish an ebook? The first way to publish e-books is via Google Play Store. Why do I recommend Google Play Store as the first choice? Because Google Play Store are the main Android system being used worldwide. Without having a second thought, by publishing your ebook into Google Play Store, you will ultimately get the widest coverage. Even if you are an iOS user, you can still download the Google Play Book onto your phone or iPad to read it. I'll come back to the challenges related to Google Play Store later, but here you go. This is the

Samsung Galaxy A71 Review in 2021

I found another mid-range good performance smartphone in Carousell again. Please allow me to do a quick introduction to this smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A71 was launch in early 2020. At the beginning of the global pandemic strike, this smartphone will be just in time for the mid-range segment (Samsung price is never mid-range compare to Xiaomi). Consumers can purchase this phone as an alternative replacement to any other mobile device i.e tablet or even a laptop. This is because this smartphone is built with Super AMOLED Plus 6.7 inches display. The Snapdragon 730 processor is good enough for any online meetings/classes and web browsing. This is support further by 8GB RAM and 128GB UFS 2.1. All these hardware combinations are able to provide a smooth and long-lasting user experience with 4500 mAh battery power.

Snapdragon 730 is a mid-range performance processor. During my usage, it did not heat up during gameplay or long hour YouTube browsing. It does feel slightly lagging for 0.01 seconds when I performance multitasking. When I ran the Geekbench 5 test, my score is 533 on single-core and 1467 on multi-core. The performance is on par with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite with Exynos 9810 processor. If you are holding Samsung Galaxy Note 9, this will definitely be a good upgrade for you because Samsung Galaxy Note 9 only scored 480 at single-core.

Samsung Galaxy A71 is using Samsung Bring S5KGW1 ISOCELL sensor with Aperture f1.8 and 1/1.72 sensor size. With 64 megapixels, I would say it produce normal picture quality. Once again, picture quality and the color combination is very subjective and depend on your personal preference. Sometimes, the super premier expensive smartphone does not necessary produce super high-end quality photo that justifies the price. 60% of the price you paid is for the microprocessor. For the front camera, Samsung uses their in-house sensor Samsung S5KGD1 ISOCELL sensor with Aperture f2.2 and 1/2.8 sensor size. 

For gaming performance, I use WETEST to record the frame rate throughout a Mobile Legend gameplay. The result is not good. I experienced lagging from time to time and frame drop. My average fps is 48.9. I did a similar test on Samsung Galaxy A52 with Snapdragon 720G and I get a better result compare to Snapdragon 730.

Overall, mid-range performance smartphone with mediocre user experiences. When the smartphone was launched, Samsung sold it at RM1,799. That price range is considered to me as the mid-high price for a smartphone. But, as always, I look for a good bargain in 2nd hand/used item market and I found this unit in good condition with a good price.

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