Do you really need Cloud Storage vs Local Storage or Hybrid Storage?

Well, you took videos, photos, never clear WhatsApp messages for the past...1 year? Your smartphone is running out of storage because there are thousands of photos and videos. There are a few solutions for you.

No. 1 is that you upgrade to higher storage smartphone. At the moment, iPhone does offer 1TB storage and Samsung also offer the highest 512GB of internal storage too. All the best if you still have any kidneys left to sell. 

No. 2 is to purchase cloud storage. iCloud from Apple does offer 50GB, 500GB and 2TB. But still, you need to make sure you still have enough storage on the cloud and in your smartphone. 50GB cloud storage including all your mobile application data. If you have 5GB of WhatsApp message history, then it will reduce your cloud storage. 

No. 3 is alternative local storage or hybrid storage. You can purchase local storage and plug it into your home wifi network. With a few simple configurations, you can create your own "backup" solution and backup everything in your smartphone to your local storage. The reason I said that it is hybrid storage is that depending on whether you have used other cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive to support your hunger for storage space. If you do, then you can configure your local storage in your house network to sync with these cloud storage solutions.

Today, I am going to share with you my experiences with Synology. This is the storage I will give 5 stars rating. Let me share with you the reasons.
No. 1 is hardware and software integration. On the spreadsheet, Synology is not the most high end or latest and fastest hardware configuration. The reason is that if you are using it for storage purposes, you do not need a super high-end microprocessor or 32GB RAM. However, the software and hardware integration is a winning point here. It will provide seamless user experiences to non-tech users like me to set up and use it as it is. There are no hiccups, no blue screen, no crashes so far.

No. 2 is durability and longevity. Even though Synology product price point is on the high-end side, for the price you paid and last you for many years to come, I think it is worth it. Remember that we do not require the latest microprocessor and highest hardware configuration unless you require a server to host your website or blog and you have a few million hits.

I will not able to do any real demo here because this is not an open box review. I had configured and used Synology 715 for many years and there are sensitive files that I am not able to show you here. If you are interested to know more, here is the link for you to find out more about Synology.

How to set up your Synology -
How to back up your photo -

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