3 factors to consider before you buy a new smartphone

We are living in the year 2021 and it is an exciting and confusing time when you want to buy a smartphone. There are a few major brands and offering specific models to different market segments. Based on my understanding, I prepare a simple table for reference. 

When you are going to buy a new smartphone either is an upgrade or just a new smartphone, here are some factors that you need to consider before you hand over your hard-earned money.

1. Main purposes
In order to make it easier for you, I would like to ask, do you use it for communication, gaming or photo shooting?  If you choose communication, then most of the mid-range smartphones will be able to provide you with decent communication tools with even long-lasting battery life. If you choose to game, then my recommendation will be at least Mid-High range and above. If you choose photography, then any model better from mid-range and above will able to take a good photo or video, unless a specific model i.e Oppo Reno series or Vivo X series that focus on photography. These kinds of specific design smartphones will cost you more because they are in the high range.

2. Long-lasting or yearly upgrading
Smartphones have been around for a decade and we have enough experience over the years to know whether we are going to change or upgrade every year or never change if the unit is not dead. If you are on any telco plan that enables you to upgrade frequently, then, by all means, choose whichever brand or model you like. If you are the type that will stay with the phone until eternity, then, actually, iPhone is a better choice. Because iPhone is well-known for it long last durability and software support. However, the repair cost might be high due to tight control from Apple that requires all iPhones can only be repaired by an authorised shop.

3. Servicing or Repairability
Those wear the days when you can pop up the back cover and swap the battery or change the whole metal frame. Once again, if you are the person who has a high frequency to drop, crack, broke, whatever to your smartphone, I believe you should go for something in the mid-range category and of course, depends on your area whereby which brand has their authorised service centre to change the spare part for you. Even though Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO smartphones are in the high value for money category, but, they have a very limited authorised service centre. Based on my personal experiences for the past few years, Huawei is a good choice.
In conclusion, there is no clear winner here. Each brand strategically places its brand and products in the right segments. For example, iPhone is definitely not cheap but if you divide the average cost over few years, then the value of product perception increases. It means, value for money. On the other hand, for example, Vivo Y series might be low price, but the hardware specification and also the upgradability might only last for 1 year and then the consumer is forced to upgrade again. Thus, it might actually cost you more. Unless you buy it for the sole purposes which are making phone calls and sms.

I am a fan of mid-range smartphones. It is because, with current technology, the mid-range smartphone performance is able to provide an all-rounded performance for your needs. The high-end range or ultra high-end range is for the extreme fans and niched market. Like the name says, it is for the high income or ultra high-income group. Please do leave your comment below on which particular brand or model of phone that you like to have.


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