Studying Hard vs Financial Planning

I recently had a conversation with a university friend whom I hadn't met in 25 years. During our conversation, my friend, who has two children, mentioned an intriguing question asked by one of their children: "Why should we study so hard when the government approves a minimum wage starting at RM 1,500 per month?" My friend was stunned by this question, and I couldn't help but smile. Determining Your Future Salary The real question to ask is, "How much will be your last drawn salary if you start with RM 1,500 per month now?" Let's assume you begin working at age 20 and plan to retire at age 60, giving you 40 years of working life. For the sake of simplicity, we'll assume a permanent annual salary increase of 4%. The answer is that your last drawn salary upon retirement at age 60 will be RM 7,201.50 per month! In contrast, considering an article that suggests a fresh graduate's starting salary will be RM 2,500, and assuming a permanent increase of

I passed my Registered Financial Planner examination

It was 1 year ago while we are still lockdown at home due to Covid 19 pandemic and I decided to complete my journey as a financial planner. I would like to provide you with some background that Registered Financial Planner is not equal to Certified Financial Planner.

Certified Financial Planner is from Financial Planning Association Malaysia (FPAM) and this is the link to explain to you the path to become a Certified Financial Planner (Link)

However, Registered Financial Planner is from Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) and this is the link to explain to you the path to become a Certified Financial Planner (Link)

Both certifications will go through the same modules and I have no comment on the content until I personally go through it. If you have any experiences for both certifications, please do share with me your experiences.

I passed Module 1 and Module 2 when I was a trainer many years ago. I am also certified as Trainer for Module 1 and Module 2. That was the time when MFPC is promoting heavily for all life insurance agents to go through these 2 modules. I am very fortunate to be one of the pioneers in promoting this program.

Fast forward today, I believe is time for me to complete the whole course so that I will have enough basic knowledge to do this public service to all. 

Besides having a great interest in technology and gadgets, I am also very passionate about financial education. I will start to create more content regarding financial education and please remember to subscribe, follow and like this post so that you will get notification when I post new content. 


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