FREE Personal Credit Report Plus

The Law of the universe is that the matter that we focus and give energy to, will grow. Most of us have a particular interest in financial aka money. If you share the same interest like I do, then, you know that the fundamental of financial planning is to know where you are now and set a target for yourself to achieve your financial goal.

I attended a Financial Talk organized by MFPC and they are giving away a free personal credit report via My Credit Info. The free financial report will come with the following information if any,

  • Experian i-SCORE (Credit Score
  • Banking Information (CCRIS)
  • Skim Potong Gaji Angkasa (SPGA)
  • Trade References (Non-Banking Info)
  • Litigation History, etc
You need to do the following in order to get this report for free:
1. Sign up an account with My Credit Info
2. Verify your account by submitting your NRIC. According to the website, it will take 3 working days.
3. Once verify, please contact me private message me on my Facebook Page and I shall send you the promo code. Hurry up, the promo code is valid until 04/06/2021 only

Here is the sample of the report :


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