Facebook is charging you soon

When we use social platforms for free, no one complaints about it. When the personal data leaks, we just silently bite the bullet and change the login password. When social media platforms start charging a subscription fee, how would you react? Pay and use or quit and change?

I am not a pro-Facebook nor any pro-WeChat person here. I am merely stating the facts for blogging purposes:

mIRC - launch in 1988, died.
ICQ - Launch in1996, died.
Friendster - Launch in 2002, died.
LinkedIn - Launch in 2003, Microsoft bought over, surviving and becoming like a Business KOL platform + job hunting. I think if not because Microsoft bought over, it will end too.
Myspace - Launch in 2003 and died.
Facebook - Lanch in 2005, surviving.
Flickr - Launch in 2004, bought over by Yahoo and then now from free services change to subscription.
Reddit, Launch in 2005 and surviving.
Twitter - Launch in 2006 and surviving. Soon will start charging.
Weibo - or called Sina Weibo launch in 2009. Free services + membership subscription.
Pinterest - Launch in 2010 and only a minority use it.
Instagram - Launch in 2010 and bought over by Facebook.
Google+ - Launch in 2011 and died.
Clubhouse - Launch in 2020 and popularized by Elon Musk.

Jane from Twitter just found the source code hidden in the Twitter app that contains in-app purchase details in her status

What happens if social communication apps like WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Telegram, QQ, Signal, Skype, etc start charging membership fees? Do you still remember when WhatsApp started, it is a paid app that cost Ringgit Malaysia RM8 to download? Will you still continue to use it or switch back to SMS-era because almost all telco offers unlimited SMS nowadays. Please comment below.


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