The longest distance between knowing it and doing it.

We never lack knowledge and information because there are 800 million videos and 37 million channels on YouTube. I am very sure you can find any answer on YouTube except those illegal topics. Therefore, what is the distance between knowing something and doing it? The length of the distance is measured by the amount of willingness. In short, how badly you want it. The distance does not change according to the amount of desire, but in perspective, it does feel shorter. We might be knowing too much and that knowledge might stop us from doing it. Knowledge becomes a burden in this context. But without knowledge, we are flying blindly into the unknown. The solution is to learn from others' experiences. That is a much smarter way to learn and remember to do it.

My Introduction

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Jarod Lee and welcome to my channel.

Who am I?

It does not matter who I was, but it is more important who I want to become and what is the purpose for me to do this. If you are interested in my past, you can check out my social media profile here. These 4 profiles are the oldest profile I created.

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Facebook Page -

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What are the topics you would like to share?

There are 3 main topics that I want to share with you are related to my professional working experiences and my hobbies. The 1st topic is related to financial matters and I want to share my experiences on money matters with you because that is my professional career at this moment. The 2nd topic that I want to share is related to technology and 3C (computer, communication, and consumer electronic) products. The 3rd topic is related to my life experiences.  It could be a book I read, a movie I watch, a place I travelled, and others. I want to share my experiences with you in vlog format, blog post, a picture or just a short post like tweeter. 

Are you trying to be a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) / Influencer 

Maybe yes, maybe no. I am doing this to record my life digitally. When I get very old, I can enjoy reading and watching all the wonderful life experiences that I had. When I pass away, this is one of the ways to leave a memory to my family members.

Are you going to speak in English only?

Yes. I will speak in English… most of the time. Maybe I create content in Mandarin or Bahasa in the future. But I do not have any plan yet because I am doing this is to share my life experiences. So I will create the content in the language I prefer to use and comfortable using. For example, I type this video script in English for this video. But in my blogger post, I do write in mandarin. 我是会讲和写华语的哦。Kalau nak cakap Bahasa, I ok jer…

What do you want me to do now?

First, thank you for watching this video until this moment. If you like what I have just shared, please remember to subscribe and follow my channel. I look forward to seeing you next time. Bye!


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