My Introduction

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Jarod Lee and welcome to my channel.

Who am I?

It does not matter who I was, but it is more important who I want to become and what is the purpose for me to do this. If you are interested in my past, you can check out my social media profile here. These 4 profiles are the oldest profile I created.

LinkedIN -

Facebook Page -

Twitter -

Instagram -

What are the topics you would like to share?

There are 3 main topics that I want to share with you are related to my professional working experiences and my hobbies. The 1st topic is related to financial matters and I want to share my experiences on money matters with you because that is my professional career at this moment. The 2nd topic that I want to share is related to technology and 3C (computer, communication, and consumer electronic) products. The 3rd topic is related to my life experiences.  It could be a book I read, a movie I watch, a place I travelled, and others. I want to share my experiences with you in vlog format, blog post, a picture or just a short post like tweeter. 

Are you trying to be a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) / Influencer 

Maybe yes, maybe no. I am doing this to record my life digitally. When I get very old, I can enjoy reading and watching all the wonderful life experiences that I had. When I pass away, this is one of the ways to leave a memory to my family members.

Are you going to speak in English only?

Yes. I will speak in English… most of the time. Maybe I create content in Mandarin or Bahasa in the future. But I do not have any plan yet because I am doing this is to share my life experiences. So I will create the content in the language I prefer to use and comfortable using. For example, I type this video script in English for this video. But in my blogger post, I do write in mandarin. 我是会讲和写华语的哦。Kalau nak cakap Bahasa, I ok jer…

What do you want me to do now?

First, thank you for watching this video until this moment. If you like what I have just shared, please remember to subscribe and follow my channel. I look forward to seeing you next time. Bye!


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