Samsung S10 Lite Super Steady or Super Blur

Samsung S10 Lite is the 1st attempt from Samsung to create a "lite" version from the flagship series in order to capture the market. Basically, there is 3 major broad segment of the market, which is low, middle and high. However, Due to aggressive competition, each smartphone manufacturer is pushing their product into the super high-end segment. Therefore, (I think) Samsung create a new product category which I called the sub-premier segment. For example, the S10 series was the flagship branding and Samsung creates S10 Lite. At the time I write this, Samsung did create S20 FE and also Note 10 lite. Rumours also mentioned S21 FE is around the corner. You get the idea.

Now, let's focus on this S10 lite in the year 2020. I was looking for it because it is powered by Snapdragon 855 which is always superior to the Exynos process with the same grade and of course the camera with a marketing position, Super Optical Image Stabilisation. Here is my full review on the camera.

Overall, if you can find this unit in the market, it is recommended to buy. However, if you are very particular about the camera performance, then this Super OIS will disappoint you compare to the latest mid-range smartphone in the market, such as Oppo or Xiaomi whereby those mid-range smartphones will offer dollar-to-value features and performance.
That's all from me and thank you for reading.


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