Who Wants to Work Beyond Age 60?

This is not a trick question; it's something you need to answer before reaching age 60.

Mr. A is 45 years old, and it's common for people to start thinking about retirement planning at this stage. One day, Mr. A made an appointment with his financial advisor to discuss retirement planning. After a two-hour discussion, Mr. A was shocked to realize that he only had 15 years left before reaching his official retirement age. From age 60 onwards, he would have no more income from employment. Considering the average life expectancy in Malaysia, he could live up to age 74, which means he would still need to cover his daily expenses, including health insurance premiums. So, what can Mr. A do now to truly retire?

Where are you right now?

This is a typical story for many Malaysians. When Mr. A started working in his early 20s, retirement planning was far from his mind. He was focused on building his career and managing his hard-earned money to meet daily expenses. In his 30s, he had additional commitments such as starting a family and purchasing a property. By the time he reached his 40s, he suddenly realized he hadn't started any retirement planning.

Does Mr. A's story sound familiar? Does it represent your situation in real life? Do you regularly assess your current financial situation? If money matters are important to you, do you pay attention to your financial health at least once a month? I apologize for asking so many questions, but I hope to get you thinking about your financial planning and facing reality.

Please share your current situation with me:
A. I have not started my retirement planning.
B. I have somehow started my retirement planning.
C. I have started my retirement planning.

Can you really retire?

The answer is definitely yes. However, it's up to you to decide the lifestyle you want in retirement, as that will help you strategize your financial resources to achieve your goal. It might be challenging if you are far from your retirement savings goal and have limited time left. However, by carefully evaluating your financial situation, exploring potential income sources, making lifestyle adjustments, and seeking professional financial advice, you may be able to create a plan that allows you to retire comfortably or adjust your retirement timeline accordingly.


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