Time to say goodbye and continue growing

It feels as though it happened a lifetime ago (or at least, that's how it feels to me). Three years have passed since I built my desktop back in 2020, just before the global pandemic engulfed the world and thrust us into a new reality of remote work.

Sharing this story fills me with deep emotions, for this humble desktop setup holds within it a treasure trove of memories. It's not just about the hardware; it's about the moments shared and the people I encountered along the way, especially during those moments of upgrades and improvements. As I bid farewell to this customized workstation, I embark on a new chapter with different tools for my work-from-home journey.

I meet a solder in person

One encounter stands out vividly in my mind—a chance meeting with a soldier at an army camp who possessed a knack for setting up desktops. It was his hobby, his passion. It made me realize that there's something innate in many of us, particularly men, that drives us to tinker with hardware, fix things, and construct our own little technological worlds. I couldn't help but resonate with his sentiment; soft toys never held the same appeal for me.

But through these experiences, I also learned that not everyone possesses the same unconditional willingness to share knowledge. However, in our lifetimes, we occasionally come across a few extraordinary souls, true Samaritans who selflessly extend a helping hand. It's crucial that we recognize and appreciate these individuals. I've taken their example to heart, paying their kindness forward whenever I can. Some may attribute it to karma, but I prefer a simpler term—kindness. Have you ever encountered such remarkable Samaritans in your own life? I invite you to share your stories; I'd love to hear them.

Constantly upgrading

Technology hurtles forward at an astounding pace, with advancements emerging almost yearly or every 18 months, as Moore's Law suggests. It's easy to succumb to the allure of the latest gadgets, eager to explore their new features and capabilities. Guilty as charged, I confess—I am a tech junkie, an early adopter, despite the costs involved. Yet, amidst the various upgrades I've undertaken, I've managed to preserve the core elements of my setup. It dawned on me that we can stay rooted in the essentials while maximizing the tools at our disposal. The casing, CPU core, and motherboard—are unchanged, and steadfast.

I increased my RAM from 16GB to 32GB, and since then, I haven't looked back. Several iterations later, I arrived at the remarkable RTX 2060 DDR 6GB. Storage-wise, I upgraded from a modest 128GB to a staggering 1TB. Powering it all, I swapped my 650W PSU for a robust 850W variant. Through careful calculation and consideration, I achieved a setup devoid of bottlenecks.

Nothing remains constant in this ever-changing world; progress demands that we constantly propel ourselves forward. There's a quote I've come to embrace: "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable." It encapsulates the mindset needed to thrive amidst constant evolution.

With this steadfast desktop companion, I've embarked on numerous creative endeavours—crafting approximately 50 videos, attending countless hours of online meetings, and even streaming content. Not to mention the unforgettable PRUMeta Monday Night with Joshua Hooi. I may not be an expert, but compared to three years ago, I've witnessed tremendous growth in terms of knowledge and experience.

When I first embarked on this journey, TikTok had yet to capture the hearts of Malaysians. Now, it has become the norm, with a frenzied rush to join the platform. The past three years witnessed a breathtaking leap in smartphone photography and videography, rendering the need for an elaborate setup obsolete for many aspiring content creators. Amateurs and semi-professionals alike can now produce remarkable videos from the comfort of their own homes.

A tool is still a tool

Yet, in the face of technological marvels and remarkable features, let us not forget that a tool remains a tool, it's potential solely dependent on the user. It's the knowledge and skills we possess that truly elevate our creations, and when combined with superior tools, the results are simply awe-inspiring. Sometimes, we become so consumed with acquiring the latest gadgets that we overlook our own growth. There's an ancient Mandarin proverb that resonates deeply with me: "修身齐家治国平天下." It emphasizes the importance of personal virtue, which leads to harmony within the family. When families are harmonious, nations grow stronger. And when nations thrive, peace pervades the world. Let us always remember that it is not the tools themselves that require upgrading, but rather ourselves, through continuous self-improvement."


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