Studying Hard vs Financial Planning

I recently had a conversation with a university friend whom I hadn't met in 25 years. During our conversation, my friend, who has two children, mentioned an intriguing question asked by one of their children: "Why should we study so hard when the government approves a minimum wage starting at RM 1,500 per month?" My friend was stunned by this question, and I couldn't help but smile. Determining Your Future Salary The real question to ask is, "How much will be your last drawn salary if you start with RM 1,500 per month now?" Let's assume you begin working at age 20 and plan to retire at age 60, giving you 40 years of working life. For the sake of simplicity, we'll assume a permanent annual salary increase of 4%. The answer is that your last drawn salary upon retirement at age 60 will be RM 7,201.50 per month! In contrast, considering an article that suggests a fresh graduate's starting salary will be RM 2,500, and assuming a permanent increase of

My Journey of Growth and Discovery in Social Media Marketing

I am aware and acknowledge that I have room for improvement as a salesperson. In the past, I have successfully sold myself to a few individuals, particularly my superiors and my wife. However, I feel that I still have work to do in effectively presenting (selling) myself to participants

However, I thoroughly enjoy sharing my experiences with like-minded individuals who have similar interests. Currently, I find immense pleasure in exploring the realm of social media marketing. Moreover, with the emergence of Generative Predictive Text Artificial Intelligence, such as Chat GPT, this field has become even more exciting

What exactly is social media marketing? 

This question often sparks curiosity and confusion. Many of you may be familiar with terms like Facebook marketing, YouTubers, TikTokers, and other platforms associated with marketing. However, it is crucial to grasp the broader concept of social media marketing.

Social media marketing extends beyond specific platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok. It encompasses a broader approach that employs these platforms to promote various entities such as products, services, or ideas.

Think of social media marketing as a means to connect and engage with people online. It involves creating and sharing content on social media platforms with the aim of reaching a wider audience, fostering brand awareness, and achieving marketing objectives.

So, it is not solely about utilizing a single platform or aspiring to be a renowned YouTuber or TikToker. Rather, it revolves around leveraging social media to connect with your target audience, share valuable content, and cultivate relationships. By doing so, businesses can expand their reach, enhance their brand presence, and facilitate growth.

How did I start?

Now, let me share how I discovered the realm of social media marketing. It all began when I noticed a younger colleague of mine using Instagram to search for the best lunch spots. This occurrence completely altered my perspective. Coming from the era of relying on Google searches, witnessing this new behaviour sparked my curiosity. I embarked on my own journey by creating YouTube channels, but I encountered failures along the way. Nevertheless, I have continued to explore and enjoy this ongoing endeavour.

How did I learn?

Throughout my journey, I have experimented and engaged in self-learning through platforms like Meta Certification and Google Skill Shop. If you are interested, I encourage you to check out these resources as well.

Am I an expert in social media marketing? 

No, I am not. I am simply an individual who is passionate about this subject matter. If you are seeking experts to share their experiences with you, there are plenty to be found. However, if you wish to engage in discussions about this topic, I am more than happy to share my insights.

Will I become an expert? 

Social media marketing is closely tied to technology, and it is a continuously evolving field. Technological advancements drive the changes and updates in social media platforms. There is always more to learn, making the journey exciting and enjoyable. While I don't envision myself becoming an expert in this ever-evolving landscape, I am enthusiastic about constant growth and discovery.

What does the future hold for social media marketing? 

I believe this path has no end. The journey will be a thrilling ride. As time progresses, some influencers may rise while others may fade. However, those who consistently provide value to society will leave a lasting impact. That is the path I have chosen.


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