What Bill Gates knew 24 years ago that revolutionize your business today

Introduction: As a working professional, you're likely always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve in today's rapidly-changing marketplace. I am going to share with you my notes after I read the book Business @ The Speed of Thoughts by Bill Gates. This book is all about how technology is transforming business and offers some valuable insights that I think you'll find useful. Photo by Dan Cristian Pădureț: https://www.pexels.com/photo/blue-and-yellow-phone-modules-1476321/ Section 1: The Digital Nervous System One of the key concepts in the book is the digital nervous system, which is all about connecting a company's information, processes, and people to make it more efficient, effective, and agile. This means that the company's operations can work together seamlessly, regardless of location or department. Think about it like the human nervous system. It coordinates all of our bodily functions and helps us respond to environmental changes. In the same way, a d

Is A.I.D.A still relevant in 2023 Social Media Marketing?

Still relevant?

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, it's essential to constantly adapt to changes in consumer behaviour and technology. With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating this evolution, it's worth asking whether the classic AIDA model is still relevant in 2023. 

As I am preparing content regarding AIDA in the social media marketing training program, I want to do more research and then simply it for learner understanding and application.  Here goes:


The first stage of AIDA is Attention, and in today's digital age, this is more crucial than ever before. With attention spans becoming shorter and shorter, it's important to make a strong impression quickly. In just a few seconds, you need to grab a potential customer's attention and make them want to know more.


The second stage of AIDA is Interest. In this stage, you need to generate interest in your product or service. Whether it's through showcasing its benefits or highlighting the problems it solves, you need to create a desire in your potential customer to learn more about what you have to offer.


The third stage is Desire, and this is where you need to turn that interest into a strong desire to own your product or service. With social media platforms, marketers have even more opportunities to create desire. By leveraging peer pressure and herd mentality, you can make your product or service seem like a must-have item.


Finally, the fourth stage is Action. In the digital age, this stage has seen the most significant changes. Customers can now make purchases, drop leads, make inquiries, write emails, and complete transactions online. This has completely transformed consumer behaviour and created new opportunities for marketers to reach and convert potential customers.


Despite all the changes in technology and consumer behaviour, the AIDA model remains a relevant and effective framework for creating successful social media marketing campaigns. By understanding each stage and crafting content that targets them effectively, you can capture attention, generate interest, create desire, and encourage action. So if you're looking to create effective social media campaigns in 2023, the AIDA model is still a great place to start.


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