Samsung Galaxy Flip4, really?

I love it but I am concerned about the hinge flipping the smartphone. It is so cool to flip open and close the smartphone in the public. I called it catching eyeball's attention gadget. 

Samsung Galaxy Flip4 was launched in Malaysia somewhere around August 2022. At that time, Samsung offers great promotions up to RM1,xxx free bits and Purchase with Purchase (PWP) to attract new customers and existing users.

5 months pass and the price of the smartphone drop significantly (not a surprise) you can find sellers offering around RM2,600 plus for a Samsung Galaxy Flip4 used unit for 128GB storage. That is almost 35% drop in price for a relatively new smartphone. 

I bought a unit and have some fun with it. Here is a summary of my review of this smartphone.

1. This is a flip smartphone!!!

I must admit, the foldable screen is definitely amazing! When you just browse it casually, you will still notice the crease on the screen. Obviously, your finger can feel it too! But still, it is a foldable smartphone! There is nothing to complain about that the screen is as smooth as a flat screen.

2. Creativity increases without a tripod

Let me give you a scenario whereby you want to shoot a video selfie, how would you do it? You are either holding your smartphone or using a tripod, right? How long can you hold your smartphone? Let's say you want to shoot for 5 to 10 minutes?

On the other hand, how about a tripod, selfie stick, or whatever you want to call it. Then you need to carry extra tools for your content creation right? Why do you need a stick? Because flat smartphones are not able to stand by themselves without support. There are some smartphone casings that are very creative and come with a stand. But those stand does not offer adjustable angle. 

By using a Samsung Galaxy Flip4, you can use the "base" as a stand and flip 90 degrees and start shooting after you find the right place to put the smartphone. Easy right?

3. The 1.9" inch cover display is a killer!

You have the understand that front camera is never as good as back camera in terms of hardware perspective. You may want suggest that we can shoot using back camera, but, it is not natural to shoot without knowing you are properly in frame. Therefore, the 1.9" inch cover display is really small and yet super beatiful design to help content creator like me. 

4. Samsung OneUI still... not my favourite UI.

Maybe I was stuck with iOS for so long (actually not that long since iPhone 3Gs until iPhone 8) and I am working very hard to get away from iOS. But 2 major issue haunted me all the time which is the instant notification receive time and the display of the notification. I am getting a bit OCD but well, that is me.

5. The hinge and over paranoid on dust

Samsung Galaxy Flip4 is IPX8 rating. For sure I will not bring a smartphone into the water. But I can not avoid dust. What if the dust goes into the hinge? Oh my god. I can not image that will happen.

Are you going to try out the Samsung Galaxy Fip4 or Fold4? Let me know.


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