My research for DJI Pocket 2 - Do I really need it?

One of the questions in my mind regarding content creation is the tool that I need to use to create nice photos and stunning videos. We are living in 2023 and we are not in shortage of capable smartphones that are packed with high-end hardware and software to create the above requirement. But let me share with you my challenges and my recommended solutions.

Challenge Number 1: Tripod

We have very premier built and high price range type of tripod and very low price range and plastic built type of tripod. In the end, you still need a tripod to clamp your expensive camera or smartphone to shoot some stable videos. You need to carry 1 extra item in your bag. What a bumper. If you are carrying a relatively large tripod stick, you may get some attention that you are going to start hunting when you pull out your large and long tripod stick.

I do carry a 2-meter-long tripod with me on business trips. It is troublesome to keep it because the tripod is either too long to store in any luggage bag or it is just not small enough to keep in my backpack. 

Challenge Number 2: Smartphones can not stand by themselves without a proper tripod or clamp

Unless you have the Samsung Z series or Fold series that the smartphones can be folded up or flipped up to act as a tripod. Otherwise, we need to make it stand which is using your tripod. Therefore, this is really much related to Challenge Number 1. 

Challenge Number 3: Front camera specification is just not good enough as the back camera

You can assume that technology does improve the quality of photos and videos taken using the front camera of smartphones. But, the law of physic applied whereby there are so limited space to put a camera sensor as good as the back camera sensor in the front. Thus, if you are like me and want to have a "view" of yourself and frame when you create content, you will face this challenge. Unless you are used to using a back camera. On the other hand, if you maybe have a great partner who is always beside you when you create content, then this is not a concern or the least concern for you.

On top of that, please remember the front camera is always not wide enough to capture the scene. Front cameras are designed for selfies but not capturing the whole scene. 

Challenge Number 4: Steady hand

Once again, technology does come in handy in all these challenges. Most smartphones or even cameras are equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) or Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS). This is one of the easy overcome challenges if you shoot enough to master the skills to use the human hand rather than depend on the software and hardware computation on smartphones.

Challenge Number 5: Shooting in discreet

Smartphones are not small size anymore. It will continue to maintain around 6 inches to 6.7 inches. Any action from you pulling out a tool to start shooting will be noticed by somebody. Oh well, we can assume it become a norm now that everybody loves to take pictures and shoot videos using their smartphone and this small social behaviour can be ignored or accepted as a norm. But, not for me. I still prefer to create my content in a silent unnoticeable way. Especially I am always alone most of the time.

Solutions: Buy a DJI Pocket 2

I am thinking to buy a new toy which is DJI Fly Mini or DJI Pocket. But I am buying a DJI Pocket 2 and the reason is that I can't fly a drone in any indoor environment without creating so much attention to the noise generated by the propeller. 

Once I got the DJI Pocket 2, I will share with you my experiences and does it really help me create more interesting content for you. Will I really get it?


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