Financial Planning only for the rich?

I was fortunate to join the financial industry when I graduated. I learn a lot about financial planning and management knowledge and practice some of it. I want to share with you today one rule that I have practised since then, which is to pay yourself first. When you receive an income, pay yourself first. What does this mean? It means paying yourself first as a saving for the future or a sum of money you set aside for a purpose, such as savings, buying a toy, buying something, a holiday, etc. We do have to remember one of the reasons we work is to enjoy life. You will develop such a habit and high discipline as time goes by. Today, I meet a person who save a small of money for years so that he can buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for his wife. It struck me when he hand me a stack of hard cold cash. I told him that I received his payment with a heavy heart. I can feel the sincerity and the high self-discipline over the years that he save enough money to buy this item. I wish him the best

Even when you are tired, there is still time to do these things

In the year 2022,

1. What is the idea that you entertained the most in your mind? 2. What is the book you read that you like the most? 3. Who is the person you associate with most of the time? 4. What is the biggest risk you took? 5. What did you do to make yourself happy? You still have 26 days to change it or achieve it. All the best!


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