I bought a car from MyTukar

It has been almost 10 years since I didn't own a car and recently due to work requirements, I need to get a car. It was supposed to be an easy task but due to last month's buying rush for cars before government impose SST again, all the new orders will have a waiting period of a minimum of 3 months to 6 months. 

Therefore, I decided to buy a used car. Finally, I got the chance to experience it as a consumer of the latest so-called using technology to enhance buying used car experiences from start-up companies such as Carsome or MyTukar.  

Both platforms have their own pros and cons. However, I am going to jump straight to the end result and share with you my last moment with MyTukar in Puchong Headquarters to collect my car.

I believe all these companies did a great job providing fresh new experiences to consumers buying a used car just like buying a new car. At least, the place where you "shop" for a car is a really nice and bright environment. If you compare it to a local used car shop along the roadside whereby all the used car is parked under a temporary shade covered from the hot burning sunshine and rainwater erosion, my confidence level increases immediately when I walk into the showroom. 

Having said so, I did not say the used car quality from MyTukar is superior and the price is lower compared to any other shops. All I am saying is that these companies do provide a better user experience from the front.

If you do have any experience buying used car from Carsome or MyTukar, please feel free to share it with me.


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