What Bill Gates knew 24 years ago that revolutionize your business today

Introduction: As a working professional, you're likely always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve in today's rapidly-changing marketplace. I am going to share with you my notes after I read the book Business @ The Speed of Thoughts by Bill Gates. This book is all about how technology is transforming business and offers some valuable insights that I think you'll find useful. Photo by Dan Cristian Pădureț: https://www.pexels.com/photo/blue-and-yellow-phone-modules-1476321/ Section 1: The Digital Nervous System One of the key concepts in the book is the digital nervous system, which is all about connecting a company's information, processes, and people to make it more efficient, effective, and agile. This means that the company's operations can work together seamlessly, regardless of location or department. Think about it like the human nervous system. It coordinates all of our bodily functions and helps us respond to environmental changes. In the same way, a d

How long it takes for Content Creator to grow their channel?

Basically, you can search for tons of videos on YouTube and those YouTubers will tell you their journey and advice to build your channel. But, my content here is more general and I did not talk about any specific platform like YouTube. I just want to share my thought on my opinion that as a Content Creator, how long it takes to grow the channel to let said 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours video watched.

For discussion's sake, let's take YouTube as a benchmark, and their monetization qualification is mentioned above. 4,000 hours is equal to 240,000 minutes. Just assuming you made a video that is 5 minutes long, you need to watch it 48,000 times to complete this requirement. Let me make it more simple which is you need to watch the video for 166.67 days! That is with the assumption you have 1 subscriber and the person watches the video every day for 24 hours for the next 166 days.

Ok. I am lost here because the calculation will become more complicated when you factor in the growth rate of your subscriber, the minutes each person will watch, and the drop-out rate.

So, tell me, how long do I need to wait in order to monetize my YouTuber channel? My best guess, 1 year will be an average. If you are any celebrities or you have a huge network of friends, then, maybe in a few months or days. I am talking about growing the subscriber to reach the 1,000 marks only. For 4,000 hours view, it still needs to take some time. My best guess is still a few months.

Today I saw an article that inspires me which is regarding a person name Siswanto from Indonesia. 

I look for his channel on YouTube and I found it and I am sharing one of his video here.

You can google more stories about him but make sure you search for "Si Boen Channel". I felt inspired because it is not about the expensive equipment you used in video production, but it is about the content! It is about content! He was shooting on a non-flagship smartphone! Refer to the channel history, he started uploading videos 3 years ago and now he has 1.2 million subscribers. Indonesia has a 270 million population. That is merely 0.44%. The growth potential for this channel is unlimited. 
If you are in a country like me which has a 30 million population, having 300,000 subscribers to your channel is already considered a great effort. In order to be on the list of the top 100 Youtube / Facebook influencers in Malaysia, you need to have more than 700,000 subscribers. 
Finally, this is just another post to record down my opinion and my journey to grow my personal channel. See you next time!


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