Do you buy normal keyboard or gaming keyboard?

The keyboard is equally or more important than a writing pen. I never heard of a writer who will suffer from any kind of illness due to long hours of writing with a pen. But, we always heard that someone does have a stiff neck, shoulder pen, twisted wrist, back pain all the newly discover illnesses due to long hours of using the keyboard.
I used to be loyal to Logitech (and I still using Logitech MX 2s mouse) on keyboard, mouse, headset and others accessories. But I slowly change to other brands due to my affordability and mainly because of my interest to experiences new 3C consumers products (my personal excuses)
Today, I want to share with you my experiences with the keyboard only. Like you, I work with a personal computer and we need to type every day and every time. I am fortunate that I am exposed to proper typing skills will 10 fingers in my childhood with a typewriter! My typing speed according to Ratatype is 65 wpm.

I have a few keyboards with me at this moment and I am going to share with you my experiences with each one of them and hope you will be able to choose a better keyboard for yourself.
The 1st keyboard is Razer Cynosa Chroma V1 and you can find the spec here

This is a full-size keyboard, designed for gaming experiences but without mechanical experiences. It means it does not have the "click" sound.
The 2nd keyboard Imperion Sledgehammer 7 with 87 keys only and a membrane design. The product code is KG-S07C. (I choose membrane because I want to try something in between laptop keyboard and mechanical gaming keyboard). I choose this keyboard because of TKL (Ten Key-Less) without the numerical pad. I missed my Techware Phantom L, the "best" mechanical gaming keyboard with TKL so far. If you want to try out this Imperion Sledgehammer, this is the Shopee link.
The total length from right to left including the mouse is 45 cm for a full-size keyboard and it is 35 cm for TKL keyboard. The travelling distance for my right hand to my house is shorter and my sitting posture is better compare to a full-size keyboard.
As a bonus, I will add in my working laptop Dell 5470 for this comparison and you can immediately feel when you are using a laptop keyboard, your shoulder is squeezed and shrunk. It creates a bad sitting position.
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