Studying Hard vs Financial Planning

I recently had a conversation with a university friend whom I hadn't met in 25 years. During our conversation, my friend, who has two children, mentioned an intriguing question asked by one of their children: "Why should we study so hard when the government approves a minimum wage starting at RM 1,500 per month?" My friend was stunned by this question, and I couldn't help but smile. Determining Your Future Salary The real question to ask is, "How much will be your last drawn salary if you start with RM 1,500 per month now?" Let's assume you begin working at age 20 and plan to retire at age 60, giving you 40 years of working life. For the sake of simplicity, we'll assume a permanent annual salary increase of 4%. The answer is that your last drawn salary upon retirement at age 60 will be RM 7,201.50 per month! In contrast, considering an article that suggests a fresh graduate's starting salary will be RM 2,500, and assuming a permanent increase of

The most value for money medical insurance in Malaysia

In this post, I am not talking about the best product nor the cheapest product. The best product is the product that works when you need to use it. The reason (for those who can afford it) will pay a higher premium price for certain goods and services because the consumer wants to ensure the product will work!

In this post, I will point out that at this moment, based on surface-level research, this is my comparison and my findings. If you have a different opinion, please leave your comment and we can discuss it.

Refer to my previous post, I listed almost 32 medical insurance that you can purchase in Malaysia. Then I perform my personal selection based on my current needs and present to you 9 companies with 9 products. Please remember there are much more benefits and features to be compared in each product, for example, some products do provide outpatient kidney dialysis with a limited amount but some products do not have a limit for this benefit. The comparison is ONLY focused on Annual Limit, Lifetime Limit, Deductible or Co-Insurance and maximum age.

If you expecting me to tell you which one is the "best" medical insurance, then I have to disappoint you in this post because I will not do so. As I mentioned, there is no such product exist that can be called the best medical insurance.

Refer to the table above, assuming these are the only 9 plans that available for you, which one will you choose and can I know why?    

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