Financial Planning only for the rich?

I was fortunate to join the financial industry when I graduated. I learn a lot about financial planning and management knowledge and practice some of it. I want to share with you today one rule that I have practised since then, which is to pay yourself first. When you receive an income, pay yourself first. What does this mean? It means paying yourself first as a saving for the future or a sum of money you set aside for a purpose, such as savings, buying a toy, buying something, a holiday, etc. We do have to remember one of the reasons we work is to enjoy life. You will develop such a habit and high discipline as time goes by. Today, I meet a person who save a small of money for years so that he can buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for his wife. It struck me when he hand me a stack of hard cold cash. I told him that I received his payment with a heavy heart. I can feel the sincerity and the high self-discipline over the years that he save enough money to buy this item. I wish him the best

Shopee vs Lazada, no need to fight la

Based on IPSOS's report (LINK), I am extremely curious about Shopee being a monopoly business model in the e-commerce platform, and yet no regulatory organization performs an anti-competition check on them. Why?

In my personal opinion, the reason Shopee is dominating in the e-commerce platform because of the few following reasons:
a. Money aka budget. 
Look at the frequency the ads appear in your news feed on Facebook, Instagram, and online website. Look at the monthly promotion since 1.1, 2.2, 3.3, 4.4, 5.5, 6.6, 7.7, 8.8, 9.9, 10.10, 11.11 and 12.12. It is an absolute advantage for Shopee to dominance these important dates. But, I believe Shopee might have overdone it. But who am I to comment on a company that achieves more than 80% market share?

b. Seller recruitment and new user
This is a very tricky situation because it is about demand and supply. This is the same challenge for all business models who runs a platform business. The only way the business can survive is to have enough transactions. This is supported by having a huge amount of buyers and sellers. Shopee has moved from recruiting locals and move on to recruiting foreign sellers, i.e China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. I almost freak out when I found out this. I am not too sure how local sellers going to compete with overseas sellers at a lower cost.

Haiz... all the best to Lazada.


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