Growth your white hair is not a choice but you can choose to growth your personal effectiveness

Let's face it, a few more grey hairs aren't what keeps me up at night. What truly troubles me is the gap between the reasons people give for staying stuck and the incredible potential for growth we all have.

I recently met a dedicated and hardworking colleague who had achieved a lot in his career. He was working on a project, but he wasn't meeting deadlines, and one of his reasons was feeling overloaded and overwhelmed. The tasks seemed too difficult for him. This kept happening – for over 3 months! In actual fact, the task is basically one week of schedule planning!!!!! Based on my understanding of his industry, I trusted his abilities, but it was clear he was feeling stretched thin by all the other urgent and important tasks.

Sometimes people say they're too busy or a task is too hard as reasons for not doing their best work. This can happen over and over again. Do you have the same experiences? Please share your story with me in the comment section below.

The really positive side of it? You and I can all change this!

1. Find your "Why?": What makes you excited? Knowing this helps you stay motivated and overcome challenges.
2. Embrace challenges: Try new things! Take a class, volunteer for something different, or talk to someone you admire. Growth happens when you step outside your comfort zone. If there is a problem, please believe it there are at least more than 3 solutions to the problem. The question is whether you are willing to choose the solution (that is sometimes even more difficult)
3. Find your support team: Surround yourself with people who inspire and push you. They'll help you succeed and celebrate your wins.

Remember, growing white hair is a natural process, but personal growth is a choice. Don't let fear or comfort hold you back. It's never too late to reach your full potential!


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