4+1 ways to use Chat GPT correctly and effectively.

Hello, once in my last article, I did share with you the frustrations of using Chat GPT, and some common mistakes. Right now, I'm going to share with you a few ways to use Chat GPT correctly and effectively. I just want to highlight that when I say Chat GPT, it is also including Google Bard and also Bing Chat.

If you have watched or joined any onlinle classes conducted by others, experts, I just want to highlight to you that currently Chat GPT has two versions: one is free and one is subscription. And of course, the subscriptions will have more features, especially the plug-ins. Basically, plugging means that you can connect to other services that help you to make use of Chad GPT more effectively and in layman terms, more powerful. For Google Chat, currently there is only one version but still in beta stage and for Bing Chat, there is only one version. So it however, both versions of Google Bard and Bing Chat cannot connect to 3rd party plug-ins, so the usage is kind of limited compared to Chat GPT Premier subscription version.

Let's talk about the 1st ways to use ChatGPT.

Act like another person or profession

Act like another person or profession. The massive big database that the whole chat library has. You can start by asking ChatGPT to act like another persona. When I say persona, I don't mean to act like superstars, celebrities, or other well-known people that you can name. Instead, focus more on acting like a job occupation, such as a lawyer, doctor, nutritionist, copywriter, video script writer, director of business, or a marketer. I think you get the idea. So when you start using ChatGPT by asking it to become or act like another job or profession, it helps ChatGPT to create a framework and provide responses as though you are really talking or seeking advice from that person.

If you want to add more creativity, you can even try asking ChatGPT to act like, for example, a child who is going to ask you questions or act like a grandma and try to explain what AI is. By doing so, once again, you are able to have ChatGPT frame out the responses according to the persona. This is especially helpful when you are doing copywriting or writing an email or script specifically targeting certain persons. Especially when using it on social media, you can use it to really target, for example, a lady or even a man.

Clear Instruction

Clear instructions are crucial. Most of the time, I see people using Chat GPT without giving a clear instructions. The tendency is that users will treat it as just another search engine like google.com or bing.com. And I will repeat this many times: ChatGPT contains a humongous database. If our instructions are not clear, Chat GPT will use your input and try to predict and figure out what you really want to ask and enable its chat ability. So, by providing clear instructions, such as summarizing, creating a list, forming a table, preparing an email, writing time-related questions, being creative, and giving me 10 ideas, the list will go on and on as long as you can create a verb in front of your instructions. This will help enhance its ability to be more concise and precise in performing the task.

Framework / Concept

What does it mean by framework? A framework can also be used as a concept. No, I will give you an example as a trainer and also someone who likes to buy in marketing. In trainings, we have many models and frameworks to create a training program, for example, Gagne 9 event and also TPAC model. So, when I want to ask ChatGPT to do something for me, by adding a 'warp' in front, I will also instruct it to organize the responses using this model, concept, or framework.

Another example will be, for instance, if you are in marketing and want to prepare some content or scripts. You can use the AIDA marketing framework, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Once again, it depends on your occupation, and I'm sure you are the expert in that role. So, by having a clear task and a specific framework for Chat GPT to work on, your responses will be more accurate and more useful to you.

Output Format

This is the last part of the instructions, but not the end. So, in order to help you to elevate your effectiveness and efficiency, we need to visualize the end result output that we want to achieve. We might want to create a table format, a long article, in pointers format, or a conversational format. Once you know what kind of format helps you better, just instruct ChatGPT to do it for you and assist you.


Treat ChatGPT like another person who knows everything. You can have a great conversation with ChatGPT to get what you want. One of the methods I recommend using is ZOOM IN or ZOOM OUT. If the topic or instruction is too niche, or I call it an open-ended question, then ChatGPT might not be able to provide more information or useful information to you. One technique is to zoom out and expand. You can ask ChatGPT to elaborate more. On the other hand, if the topic is too general, you can ask ChatGPT to ZOOM IN slowly. You can break down the information into bite-sized pieces to help you understand a topic, complete a task, etc.

Performing new task

You can teach ChatGPT to perform a new task. It is best demonstrated on the screen. For example, instead of asking, 'Is the rock surface hard or soft?' you can teach ChatGPT by giving a few examples. Here, I start with cloth (soft), rock (hard), jelly (soft), pillow (soft), and then you can test ChatGPT by asking about the material surface for glass. You will be surprised by the result.

However, this step is somewhat more advanced compared to all the tips that I shared above. If you are a software programmer, I am pretty sure you know how to make use of ChatGPT better than I do.

Last but not least, if you have any other methods that you use without paying subscription fee, please feel free to share in the comment session below.


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