How to become a better trainer with HRD Corp?

A Reflection on HRD Corp's Certification Program

I consider myself truly fortunate to have been a part of a transformative journey. As a professional working in the white-collar world for the past two decades, I believed I had left my training knowledge and skills back in 2010. However, everything changed after today – and I'm excited to share my experience with you.

What is HRD Corp

HRD Corp, ( a distinguished Malaysian government agency, is committed to providing exceptional training and development programs for our nation's workforce. Today, I proudly hold their Train-The-Trainer (TTT) certification, a credential designed to equip professionals like us with the skills and knowledge needed to conduct highly effective training sessions.

If you're curious to explore this incredible opportunity further, I encourage you to visit HRD Corp's website. It's a decision that can redefine your professional journey.

Completing the HRD Corp certification program has been a significant achievement for me. I've always aspired to enhance my skills and knowledge as a trainer and program developer, especially since I returned to this role. The program's comprehensive and practical curriculum covered vital topics like adult learning principles, instructional design, facilitation techniques, assessment methods, and evaluation tools.

I've learned how to craft and deliver training programs that captivate, educate, and cater to the needs and expectations of our learners and stakeholders.

Customer Centric = Learner Centric

Throughout this journey, I had several 'AHA' moments, particularly when I connected the concept of Learner-Centric to my experiences as a Product Marketer. Crafting a product from the ground up always put the customer at the forefront of my mind. Questions like "Why do they need this new product?" and "What can we improve from the existing one?" resonated with me. 

I also developed a few philosophies for my own. One of the philosophy is "this is not the final version." This mindset prepares us for potential setbacks, and second, it positions us for continuous improvements. The product I once created was never the final version, but an evolving solution tailored to the ever-changing market environment.

I can only show you the door

When I relate these experiences to the field of training and development, I realize the vital role learners play. They are the nucleus of our programs, and their growth and achievements reflect the program's success, not the trainer's. As a trainer, my role is to guide, but it's the learners who must take the steps toward self-improvement.

I owe a significant part of this transformation to ComPas Management, Training and Consultancy and Master Trainer Isa Jamadulin. One of the most impactful takeaways from this journey has been the importance of maintaining a steadfast commitment to our principles and values. In both professional and personal life, challenges are inevitable, but knowing who we are and standing resolutely is key.

The journey doesn't end here; it continues to excite and inspire me. I'm eager to implement more instructional design methodologies in my upcoming program designs.

Our professional journey is a dynamic process that should always be evolving and improving. Embrace opportunities for growth, and you'll be amazed at the doors they can open.


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