Studying Hard vs Financial Planning

I recently had a conversation with a university friend whom I hadn't met in 25 years. During our conversation, my friend, who has two children, mentioned an intriguing question asked by one of their children: "Why should we study so hard when the government approves a minimum wage starting at RM 1,500 per month?" My friend was stunned by this question, and I couldn't help but smile. Determining Your Future Salary The real question to ask is, "How much will be your last drawn salary if you start with RM 1,500 per month now?" Let's assume you begin working at age 20 and plan to retire at age 60, giving you 40 years of working life. For the sake of simplicity, we'll assume a permanent annual salary increase of 4%. The answer is that your last drawn salary upon retirement at age 60 will be RM 7,201.50 per month! In contrast, considering an article that suggests a fresh graduate's starting salary will be RM 2,500, and assuming a permanent increase of

Don't Let Your Unclaimed Money Disappear Into Thin Air

Did you know that the Malaysian government has a facility to record unclaimed money? You can prevent your unclaimed money from disappearing and ensure your loved ones receive what you intended for them.

When you are alive

Have you ever found out you have some money but you unintentionally forget about it? If so, you're not alone. Sometimes, we do have some money unintentionally left with some organization and we forget about it. Not many of us know that the Malaysian Government has this facility to record unclaimed money. All you need to do is visit the website eGUMIS and follow the details.

When you are not alive

When you are no longer alive (which means when you die, ok), let's get straight to the point. Unless you have done proper planning, a list, or a Will, otherwise, no one will know where to start to claim this money (including assets and liabilities). Without proper documentation, your family members will not be able to receive that unclaimed money.

It's important to have a list of all your assets, nominate your family members accordingly in your EPF account and insurance policies, and prepare a Will. Proper wealth distribution and asset management are crucial in ensuring that your loved ones receive what you intended for them.

Let me ask you 3 questions to help you:

  1. Did you have a list of all your assets? (99% of us do have it or maybe just some random notes on our smartphones)
  2. Did you nominate your family members accordingly in your EPF account and insurance policies?
  3. Did you prepare a Will?


Don't let your unclaimed money disappear into thin air. Take some time to review your finances and make the necessary arrangements to prevent any unclaimed money from disappearing. It's never too early to start planning for your future and ensuring that your finances are in order. Visit eGUMIS today and start claiming your unclaimed money.


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