What Bill Gates knew 24 years ago that revolutionize your business today

Introduction: As a working professional, you're likely always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve in today's rapidly-changing marketplace. I am going to share with you my notes after I read the book Business @ The Speed of Thoughts by Bill Gates. This book is all about how technology is transforming business and offers some valuable insights that I think you'll find useful. Photo by Dan Cristian Pădureț: https://www.pexels.com/photo/blue-and-yellow-phone-modules-1476321/ Section 1: The Digital Nervous System One of the key concepts in the book is the digital nervous system, which is all about connecting a company's information, processes, and people to make it more efficient, effective, and agile. This means that the company's operations can work together seamlessly, regardless of location or department. Think about it like the human nervous system. It coordinates all of our bodily functions and helps us respond to environmental changes. In the same way, a d

I got the power!

I am pretty sure once in a while you will face this situation whereby you have too many chargers to carry for a trip. It depends on the number of gadgets you have. You will be very lucky if you are not in the Apple Ecosystem whereby you need to have another lightning cable for your iOS devices. 

However, it does not matter whether you are an Android or Apple user, but when you have more than 2 devices with you, all problems are the same. You just need to find a very powerful yet safe charger to charge all the power-hungry devices, especially if you have an iPad that requires an 18W and above charger plus if you have a laptop. You will have at least or the most 2 chargers with you all the time. My god! I just wrote e a whole paragraph to describe how messy is this situation in the modern tech world.

One of the chargers that I bought many years ago is this Xiaomi 6 port charger which can output 60W. The second charger I bought is from ZMI with 65W. All the above 2 charges are not able to fulfil my needs anymore. The reason is very simple. I need to charge my working laptop with a minimum 65W output charger and I need to carry another personal device (laptop) which is a Microsoft Surface Pro 6. At the moment in the market, there is no charger able to support 130W charging except the supercharger from Xiaomi, Oppo, etc that charge their smartphone from 0 to 100% within a few minutes.

As I mentioned earlier, I do not require speed. But I rather want a safe, constant, acceptable charging speed charger. Finally, I found a reasonably priced charger from Mcdodo, a company based in Guangdong I have no idea where this company came from. I saw McDoDo charging cables were sold in Ninjaz with a very low price point. Thus, I assume they are just another China company. I was sceptical about this 120W charger. 

But I am very happy. For the past few days, I am able to charge my working laptop, Thinkpad L14 which requires a 65W power supply and my personal Microsoft Surface Pro 6 which requires a 44W power supply. At the same time, charging my smartphone, Oppo Reno6 Z.

One small problem I encounter is that I am not able to charge the Thinkpad L14 because I use a 2.5A type c cable. But once I change to another type c cable that provides 6.5A, I am able to charge the laptop as per normal up to 100%. It means the type of cable does play an important role to transfer 100% of the power supply from the charger to the laptop.

At the end of the day, I am very satisfied with this 120W GaN charger.


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