Financial Planning only for the rich?

I was fortunate to join the financial industry when I graduated. I learn a lot about financial planning and management knowledge and practice some of it. I want to share with you today one rule that I have practised since then, which is to pay yourself first. When you receive an income, pay yourself first. What does this mean? It means paying yourself first as a saving for the future or a sum of money you set aside for a purpose, such as savings, buying a toy, buying something, a holiday, etc. We do have to remember one of the reasons we work is to enjoy life. You will develop such a habit and high discipline as time goes by. Today, I meet a person who save a small of money for years so that he can buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for his wife. It struck me when he hand me a stack of hard cold cash. I told him that I received his payment with a heavy heart. I can feel the sincerity and the high self-discipline over the years that he save enough money to buy this item. I wish him the best

A resume is a masterpiece of yourself

Maybe you are like me or maybe you are not, but I am sure the majority of us will work as an employee at the beginning of our careers. I started my career as a factory worker peeling Orion skin. For that particular job, I do not need to submit my resume and furthermore, I was only 15 years old.

I successfully being employed as a Training Executive and that resume was as plain as a piece of A4 papers. Fast forward, I am still working as an employee for the past 18 years and I enriched my career experiences with a few major multinational companies. 

Even though I was headhunted for most of the career opportunities, I will put effort to update and customized my resume for the Hiring Manager. As I mentioned in the title, a resume is a masterpiece of myself and I need to customise it to impress the Hiring Manager that I am the right fit for the job and the company culture.

Since the pandemic strike us more than 2 years ago, some of us are blessed because we are still able to put food on the table. However, some of us do suffer from this event. Malaysia Government announced an initiative to create 600,000 jobs via JaminKerja and you can register yourself at National Employment Portal or which is called MyFutureJobs. You can even upgrade your skill at MySTEP

Today, I am going to share my experiences with you on tips to upgrade your resume with an eBook. 

I spend hours researching professional information and compile it into an eBook for you. You save hundreds of hours searching, reading, understanding and putting it into a new outstanding resume.  Click this link to download the ebook. 

All the best to you in job hunting and please do connect with me in my Linkedin profile so that we can keep in touch and be friends.


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