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I am pretty sure once in a while you will face this situation whereby you have too many chargers to carry for a trip. It depends on the number of gadgets you have. You will be very lucky if you are not in the Apple Ecosystem whereby you need to have another lightning cable for your iOS devices.  However, it does not matter whether you are an Android or Apple user, but when you have more than 2 devices with you, all problems are the same. You just need to find a very powerful yet safe charger to charge all the power-hungry devices, especially if you have an iPad that requires an 18W and above charger plus if you have a laptop. You will have at least or the most 2 chargers with you all the time. My god! I just wrote e a whole paragraph to describe how messy is this situation in the modern tech world. One of the chargers that I bought many years ago is this Xiaomi 6 port charger which can output 60W. The second charger I bought is from ZMI with 65W. All the above 2 charges are not able to

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