Samsung Note 10+ Snapdragon 855 Like it or Hate it

I want to do a shout out that it does not matter Samsung use Snapdragon or Exynos processor, overall, Samsung battery life sucks. Agree or not agree? Let me know your view in the comment section below.

I found a unit of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with a Snapdragon 855 processor. I am so excited about it because I tried Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite with Snapdragon 855 and the battery life is so so but the camera performance is below par and the wide-angle lens is a bit distorted at the edge. Then I manage to try Samsung Galaxy S20 FE with Snapdragon 865 and I was blown away by the performance but yet still suffer from battery life. Once again, I have to declare that I am too self-diagnosed with battery life anxiety. Now, with Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Snapdragon 855, good performance processor, good camera and good battery life mAh. Let's talk about it and see whether this unit holds up to my expectation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is a great leap from Samsung Galaxy Note 9 designed with much more premium finishing on the aluminium casing. The design is more smooth on the edges and corners. I am surprised that the 3D curve display is not so curved anymore. I believe they make improvements on the curve display since the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. The Dynamic AMOLED screen gives you those high contrast and very fluid colour transition visual enjoyment. Ya...once you have Screen On Time (SOT), the battery life is like water running down from your tap.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is following the traditional camera set-up whereby it didn't increase the megapixel to create stunning photo and video capability. It rather maintains its 10 megapixels and uses its own in-house camera sensor Samsung SAK2L4. But this is not a new sensor at that time. This sensor was used in the Samsung Galaxy S10 series as well. Overall, I am satisfied with its camera performance in photo and video shooting.

Now, let's talk about Snapdragon 855 with Samsung UI. There are many videos you can find regarding the comparison of both processors in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. But, is my hobby to test it out and experiences it so that I can share it with you. First, I do not have the budget to purchase 2 units of Samsung Note 10+ for real-time comparison. But the way I test the unit is fully migrating my apps and data and use it as the sole main phone for weeks and therefore my "experiences" is more realistic. 

Let's just put it in a simple way for you to understand the processor performance and battery life. For Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, if you put the unit in the ideal model, I would say that the power efficiency is pretty good. For example, from 10pm to 4am, it only drops by 4% by turning on the DND only. But once, you light up the screen, i.e YouTube or gaming, then the battery just drain out like a water tap. 30 minutes of MLBB will drain 9% of the battery life. I just want to show you a comparison with Huawei Mate 20 smartphone. 30 minutes of MLBB in Huawei Mate 20 will only drain 1% of battery life. Are you surprise? 

In conclusion, if you are aiming for a good camera and good gaming phone, with the current used market price, I believe Samsung Galaxy note 10+ is a good buy. But if you are one of the people who have mild battery life anxiety, then, you know the answer. 

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