It is too late now to buy REITs

REITs is one of the investments that have almost the same return as rental income. I repeat, almost the same as rental income, BUT not property investment. You need to differentiate between both. Rental income is for a stream of income and whereby property investment is for capital gain.

There are few write up published by the local newspapers, i.e REITs – is the worst over? , REITs sector poised for a strong comeback and REITs remain a good bet

During 2020 whereby shopping mall and offices rental income is badly affected, REITs prices have dropped. However, the price started to regain lost ground. I made a simple chart for a few REITs that have high dividend yield, low PE, and high ROE. Although the date when I prepared this chart was in February, most of the information still maintain relevant at the moment. Hope you can use it as a good reference only for your own research purpose.

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